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Jackson Trengove - 8 Flavel Place, Grange - Testimonial

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 9.49.07 am.png"They took it step by step, were always in contact with me regarding the process and got a great outcome with selling my house"

4 Rockingham Street, West Beach - Vendor Testimonial

"We just sold the house! How cool is that?! Sold the family home..."

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15 Gluyas Ave, Grange - Vendor Testimonial

"Hes pretty tech savvy, had lots of reports that we liked..."

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9 La Jolla Ave, Fulham - Vendor Testimoanial

"its was too easy, it was scary it was too was not stressful at all" 

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5 Gingko Street, Hallett Cove - testimonial

"Pete was always there when something was happening"

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1 Nimitz Street, Henley Beach South - Testimonial

"It all went like clockwork, it worked well, it took away our nerves really."

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