Kiet Duong

Sales Agent

Kiet turns the stress of selling into successful, smooth sailing.


When praise comes Kiet Duong deflects; but all his clients attest he’s a top-notch communicator and an authentic, honest real estate agent who diligently aims for - and achieves - the best results, time after time.


Results that deem his vendors homeless, in a good way. The way that brings surprise to their faces when he sells their properties before auction, at auction, or after just one open…


It happens. Kiet tailors your campaign, walks the talk and finds the buyers.


Personable and easy-going – a notable Ous Property team trait so it appears – Kiet puts his genuine care and hard work into every sale; sales that start with agent/client trust and finish in long-term friendships.


Kiet also crosses language barriers, speaking Khmer and Cantonese, a valuable ace to hold in Adelaide’s western suburbs - the territory he commands.


Or, try him with any question. He’ll have his unbiased, informed response to you in no time. And because he values your time, if it’s a text, an email or a voice call you prefer, he’ll accommodate.