Tessa Gaston

Property Manager Associate

People-driven, Tessa’s the leasing consultant who’s ready to excel.


Initiative and gut instinct. A couple of hefty measures that make Tessa Gaston a great Property Manager Associate, thrown together with exceptional people skills, presentation and a professional approach.


Relatively new to the industry, 10 years as a personal trainer is a far cry from property management – but that simply calls for Tessa’s strength of character with a healthy balance of hard work, training and teamwork to come into play.


Teamwork - which is never a stretch amongst the tight-knit, talented crew at Ous Property, and training - which is nothing new to Tessa…


And Tessa’s rise to success is a given when she can do what she loves; interact. From meeting new people, building her client network within the community to selecting, thoroughly scrutinizing and processing qualified tenants for Ous Property’s growing portfolio of quality properties.


Despite the learning curve, Tessa has expertly evolved her role into a real estate career she’s rapt about; working, living and playing in the western beachside area with her young family, while studying for the qualifications to truly excel in property management.